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For outdoor or indoor LED screen, but under conditions of direct street light (for example showwindow), there are used light-emitting sources of bright light type. So, for normal viewing of the image on the LED screen in translucent rays of the sun it is necessary to use light-emitting sources with light intensity of 1,2…3 candellas.( note: 1 candella has the same light intensity as a light bulb of 1 W). For indoor installation it can be used light-emitting sources with far less power. Usually 30…150 millicandellas are enough. The color-reproduction quality and light intensity are defined by type and number of diodes of each color, which compose one pixel pitch. The highest light intensity and natural color transfer can be reached by using of high efficiency (high-light) diodes as parts of a pixel pitch.
The maximal brightness of the panel at color temperature from about 6500 K is from 7000 Cd/m2 up to 18000 Cd/m2. In this mode all diodes light with the maximal brightness, but the composition of red, blue and green colors does not build up a clear white color. For recovery of a standard color palette it is required to balance the light intensity of single diodes; that brings to 15% brightness reduction from the original rate.
Standard ratios of red, blue and green at the temperature of 6500 K will be: 63% RED, 100% GREEN, 55% BLUE. The EKTA methods enable to reach the given intensity level from 6000 Cd/m2 up to 9500 Cd/m2 at more than 99% brightness uniformity of the panel surface.
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